Happy June 1st! It officially feels like summer so that means BBQs, frosé, and outdoor rooftops + patios. Summer is a social season where our healthy habits can fall by the wayside. This June, I challenge you to start your summer off on the right foot.

This summer is all about balance! It’s about making healthy choices and planning ahead for indulgences. It is about self-compassion and removing guilt that comes when we aren’t “perfect”. Below find 3 ways to have a healthy + happy start to your summer.

1. Set a 30-Day “New Habit” Goal

While debate exists around the exact length of time to create a new habit, it’s safe to say the 21-day mark holds significance. To get your summer off to a healthy start, begin with a 30-day new habit health challenge. You could practice yoga daily, participate in the Whole30 eating program, or make it a point to walk for 30 minutes each morning. Whatever you decide to do, write it down and stick with it. Honoring the commitments we make to ourselves is an awesome way to build self-confidence. We feel strong, empowered, and capable when we set a goal and stick with it!

2. Practice the 80/20 Rule

Eat clean, nourishing foods 80% of the time and allow yourself 20% wiggle room. Find a balance and a rhythm with your meals. It is okay to meet your friends for happy hour but skip the sugary cocktail add-ins. Find healthy alternatives for your favorite cocktails to indulge guilt free. Say yes to the frosé, but no to the greasy bar food.

Packing your lunch is a great way to plan ahead. When you plan your meals ahead of time you have autonomy over what you put inside your body. You’re able to make sure you’re eating foods that keep you feeling vibrant as opposed to the heavy foods that make you feel sluggish and sick.  When you’re in a pinch, places like Whole Foods, Snap Kitchen, Juice Press etc have healthy grab-and-go options!

3. Nourish The Deeper You

Summer can bring elevated focus on the superficial. We obsess about our bodies + swimsuits, we want our vacation Insta lewks to be perfect, and we want to look great.  Focusing on appearance is okay, too much focus can bring imbalance.

Disconnect from your superficial image and go a bit deeper within. Commit to one day per week carving time out to nourish your deeper self. Take a break from social media. Pick a soul-stirring book to read. Spend more time journaling or in nature. Participate in Self-Care Sundays via a candlelit bath listening to an uplifting podcast. The possibilities are endless but making time for the deeper parts of you help keep mind + body + spirit in balance.

As a summer baby, this is my absolute favorite time of year! For June, I’m doubling down on becoming more of a morning person aka waking up at 6 am + daily yoga no matter what! International Day of Yoga is June 21 and I’d love to be 21 days strong into the month!

What about you? What’s your focus for June?