How is your morning meditation practice? We all know the benefits of meditation, but how do you actually begin?! Although you can start on your own using meditation apps or YouTube videos, I believe the best method is learning from a teacher. As a beginner, a teacher is best because they can provide insights and methods to help you develop your meditation practice.

Meditation is an art and many teachers devote their lives to its study and practice. As you begin your own practice, you’ll need guidance and affirmation that you’re on the right path. You’ll also need to commit to the practice for a period of time to create a new habit and see its benefits.

My favorite meditation introduction for beginners is here. Light Watkins is an international meditation teacher who has practiced and studied meditation for 20 years.  He teaches in an accessible and beginner-friendly style and his 14-day program provides you the tools you need to begin and find success in your meditation practice.

If you’ve been looking for a way to add meditation to your morning routine, this 14-day program is it. Each video is short + sweet and they build on one another to help you develop a solid meditation practice by the end. No matter how you choose to begin, add meditation to your #fierce21challenge and watch the benefits. ✨