Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a holy grail product in the natural and healthy living community. I’d heard about the “benefits” of ACV from various health books and websites but had never consistently used it since I was skeptical of its “cure-all” powers. However, after taking ACV every day for a little over a month I’m now a believer. I’m converted and realize Apple Cider Vinegar is magic!

Recently, I got in the habit of taking ACV by using it as a cold remedy. I spent the month of September in Costa Rica living in a healthy paradise. I prepared my own raw vegan meals, practiced yoga daily, and walked everywhere. When I came back to Texas in October, my lifestyle morphed back into a commute, frequent travel, and my best effort at ordering healthy takeout. My body didn’t appreciate the sudden lifestyle shift and I gained 8 lbs in two weeks and developed a cold. I used the ACV in a cold remedy I learned from my aunt which consisted of ACV, water, lemon, and honey.

I drank the mixture frequently and witnessed my cold symptoms improve without my usual NyQuil usage. Additionally, I found myself adding a little ACV to my tea or my water to speed my recovery.  As my cold symptoms improved, I noticed I was also losing weight despite eating heavier comfort foods like rice and quinoa. Once my cold cleared, I kept up with the ACV for 30 days as an experiment and monitored the results.

My Regimen

  • Morning ACV: I don’t measure the amount but I’d assume about 1-2 oz ACV diluted with water. I have a sensitive stomach and learned the hard way that ACV causes nausea when taken solo on an empty stomach. Some mornings I drink the ACV with cold water and ice, other mornings I add warm water and tea. I drink this as my first “meal” for the day and find that I don’t get as hungry for mid-morning snacks.
  • Evening ACV: Since it is winter, I almost always have my evening ACV warm. I add it to different tea flavors for variety and occasionally add honey for a sweeter flavor.
  • Other ACV: I drink an ACV concoction after I eat a hard to digest meal for stomachache/bloating relief. This was a savior to me during Thanksgiving and I’m sure it will get heavy use during the Christmas party holiday circuit.

After 30 days I’m impressed with the results. I’ve lost all the weight I gained, cleared up my face, and restored order to my diet. ACV has been a good addition to my healthy lifestyle. I generally feel better since my metabolism and digestion are in working order and I find that I’m not as hungry between meals. Please keep in mind we are all unique and so is our optimal health. What feels good for me, may not resonate with you.

Before you decide to embark on an ACV journey, do a bit of research or consult your primary doctor to make sure it’s safe for your lifestyle and won’t interfere with your medications. Always dilute the vinegar or experiment with adding it to smoothies or salad dressings. It can be harsh on your tooth enamel, so consider drinking with a straw. No matter the medium, add in ACV consistently for a few weeks and see how you feel. Maybe you will like it, maybe you won’t. You’ll never know until you try!

Below find some good listicles with more info about the benefits + uses of ACV!