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2017 Politics + Self-Care

I will open this post by saying that we are living in a new time. No longer can we turn a blind eye to what is happening in the world. We can't shrug responsibility by using excuses like "not getting political", "focusing only on

Quick Vegan Breakfast Bowl

The mornings can be short on time. I make this quick vegan breakfast bowl when I crave a warm + hearty breakfast! Also pictured, my favorite GoodBelly digestion supplement and local Houston kombucha. But back to the bowl! Ingredients: Sweet Potato Kale Onions Peppers

Rosemary + Thyme Roasted Veggie Bowl

Winter makes me crave warm comfort food. I'm not much of a chef so I typically order out or go to the Whole Foods hot bar for dinner. Now while this is convenient, it is also expensive!! 2017 is all about self-disciple for me

Honor The Space Between No Longer and Not Yet

Honor the space between no longer and not yet - Nancy Levin This quote sums up my year. It resonates with me on a deep level because 2016 has been a year of personal in-between. I've made huge personal and professional strides but still

The Shift Towards Wellness Travel

In 2016 I spent a month in Costa Rica resetting my mind, body, and spirit and it felt amazing! While I love a good girls trip, nothing compares to a wellness vacation or retreat. I find I’m not alone in this sentiment as millennials

Apple Cider Vinegar is Magic

Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a holy grail product in the natural and healthy living community. I'd heard about the "benefits" of ACV from various health books and websites but had never consistently used it since I was skeptical of its "cure-all" powers. However,

Grounded In Gratitude

 If you're like most people, you notice what goes wrong more often than what goes right. Human beings seem hard-wired to notice how reality fails to meet some idea of how they think things should be.... You may, for example, have ideas about the

I Ended My War On Carbs

I've been a chronic dieter for as long as I can remember. I've tried them all: Master Cleanse, Atkins, South Beach, Slim Fast, mono meals, etc. I've spent my entire adult life weight obsessed and my ideas about food lead me down a path

God Bless America

 Change will not come if we wait for some other person or for some other time. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change that we seek. — President Obama If we want to change the world, the time is

Before The Flood: An Election Year Must See

We have seven days remaining until the 2016 Election season is officially over. It's now crunch time for politicians and their voting constituents. Several social and economic issues are on the ballot this November, with climate change being a controversial one. Rampant disinformation routinely spread