Today is Ash Wednesday, marking the beginning of Lent for Western Christian religions. Lent is traditionally a period of fasting before Easter but I also see it as a period of recommitment. I see it as an opportunity to release something that is no longer serving me or to deepen + strengthen a habit I want to develop.

Through the years, I’ve become less religious and more spiritual. I’ll spare you my Catholic school/Christian church stores but nevertheless, I still think Lent is a special time. There is power in collective action and Lent is a symbolic and practical time where you can allow yourself to be transformed.

If there is an area of life you want to change, commit to surrendering that change to God for 40 days. Maybe it’s fasting from alcohol/drugs, maybe fasting from gossip, or maybe it’s committing to honoring your body by working out every day. I personally am recommitting to a daily spiritual practice and modifying my diet in alignment with the Daniel Fast.

If you aren’t on a formal spiritual path or looking to start a yoga/meditation practice, consider beginning Baron Baptise’s 40 Days to a Personal Revolution program. I completed this program around this time last year and am amazed by the transformation that has taken place within myself. Re-reading my old journal entries from that time reveal a lost, scared girl who only relied on her own strength. Through the program and recommitting to myself, I was able to dig out old wounds and create habits and structures that supported me and allowed me to more fully rely on God.

Today is March 1 and a new month brings the perfect time for change. Commit now to growing your faith and making today Day One of the new you! Small steps in the right direction create big changes. Decide today to take the first step!