Our signature program, the Fierce Reset, is a wellness retreat that combines yoga, spirituality, meditation and holistic health in a luxe setting. This is a curated experience where you can reset + re-center + refocus on yourself.   It is a chance to escape the daily stressors of life and dig deeper into yoga +meditation. We provide the space and the tools to help you reawaken your mind + body + spirit connection, gain clarity, and begin to create the life you wish to live.

We know life is busy and it can be hard to make it to retreat — so we’re giving you an online pass. This Fierce Reset: Mini Online Pass contains the workbook pages from the Vibrant Living Workshop and Getting Clear Workshop along with a guide to creating your at home Fierce Reset!

During the Fierce Reset, we share and dig deep into self-inquiry questions. We pair this work with meditation to get still within, and yoga to reconnect with our bodies. We fuel each day with plant-based options to facilitate clear thinking and allow ourselves to feel good. If you need a mini reset, this is perfect for you.



The mini-program contains worksheets from:

  • Vibrant Living Workshop
  • Getting Clear Workshop
  • and Fierce Reset set-up Guide

You’ll supplement:

  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Journal
  • Self-Care Practices

During the Fierce Reset, we get clear about our intention for coming on retreat and what we hope to gain. We come together and disconnect from our daily lives to explore yoga + meditation with 1-2 classes per day. We do visualizations and begin to reconnect with and tap into our purpose. We treat ourselves to spa services and release longheld tension in the body. We wake up slowly in the morning and sip our tea while taking in the beauty of nature. You can create a mini version of this experience for yourself at home!

What You’ll Do:

Set-Up: Make sure you have a day, a weekend, or a few hours blocked off just for yourself. Clear your space and designate an area for your retreat. Download the Fierce Reset: Mini PDFs and make sure you have a journal handy.

Mood + Energy Enhancers: Use what speaks to you — Candles, Incense, Sage, Palo Santo, Crystals, Soft Music you love, etc. You’ll create a sacred space (mind + body + soul) for yourself to work on the retreat materials.

Then What: We’ll reconvene Sunday, January 21 @ 6:00 pm CST to have a FB Live workshop + Q&A. After the FB live, you can continue the work and check in as needed in our private Fierce Reset group!