What The Health: Transitioning to Plant-Based

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If you've been living under a rock, perhaps you've missed the new documentary on Netflix entitled "What The Health". This food/healthy living documentary sheds light on the link between food, disease, and industrial farming. "What

Whole 30: Week 4

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I made it!! I cannot believe I made it 30 days on this meal program with minimal cheats (I'll be honest I had a few cocktails lol). Week 4 of the #Whole30 was about completion, triumph,

Whole 30: Week 3

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I've got the power! Whole30 Week 3 started off slowly but ended on a high note.  This week opened my eyes to of all the Whole30 positives unlike last week where I spent so much time resisting all

Whole 30: Week 2

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I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm over it!! I would have quit by now if my boyfriend wasn't going so strong. I truly think this 30 days for me is more a test

Spring Strawberry Salad

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Happy Spring! I crave colder foods when it's warm outside and this Spring Strawberry Salad does the trick. Salads have become my Whole30 staples! I make large enough portions to divide and eat for both lunch

Whole 30: Week 1

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Where to begin! The #Whole30 made its way into my life via friends and Pinterest. I finally decided to join the challenge as a support partner for my manfriend. If you don't know, the Whole