Are You Suffering from Digital Eye Strain?

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In honor of World Sight Day, I want to repost this article about Digital Eye Strain! Additionally, check here to join the World Sight Day Challenge! Modern digital living means we spend large amounts of

5 Smoothie Additions for Healthy Eyes

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We all know the benefits of a morning green smoothie but did you know this holy grail drink can also take care of your eyes? We don’t think about our eyes enough despite living in

What The Health: Transitioning to Plant-Based

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If you've been living under a rock, perhaps you've missed the new documentary on Netflix entitled "What The Health". This food/healthy living documentary sheds light on the link between food, disease, and industrial farming. "What

Whole 30: Week 4

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I made it!! I cannot believe I made it 30 days on this meal program with minimal cheats (I'll be honest I had a few cocktails lol). Week 4 of the #Whole30 was about completion, triumph,

Whole 30: Week 3

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I've got the power! Whole30 Week 3 started off slowly but ended on a high note.  This week opened my eyes to of all the Whole30 positives unlike last week where I spent so much time resisting all

Whole 30: Week 2

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I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm over it!! I would have quit by now if my boyfriend wasn't going so strong. I truly think this 30 days for me is more a test