Making Your Workday Balanced

Work/Life balance is an elusive component to many of our workdays. We spend time in busy, stressful jobs and realize a heavy workload can lead to physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion. Increasingly, we are working longer

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3 Ways to be a Conscious Consumer

"Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want' - Anna Lappe This quote is in the December issue of The Yellow Collective's periodical focused on Conscious Consumerism.

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Top 8 Wellness Retreat FAQs

What the heck is a wellness retreat? This is a question we're often asked at Fierce Clarity because it's incredibly uncommon for people to take a break from the busy, digital world that we inhabit.

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5 Magical Things about Sedona

The Fierce Clarity tribe is headed to Arizona for the Fierce Reset: Weekend Edition! Sedona is one of those places where people light up just talking about it -- try it! Ask anyone who has

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Are You Suffering from Digital Eye Strain?

In honor of World Sight Day, I want to repost this article about Digital Eye Strain! Additionally, check here to join the World Sight Day Challenge! Modern digital living means we spend large amounts of

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5 Smoothie Additions for Healthy Eyes

We all know the benefits of a morning green smoothie but did you know this holy grail drink can also take care of your eyes? We don’t think about our eyes enough despite living in

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What The Health: Transitioning to Plant-Based

If you've been living under a rock, perhaps you've missed the new documentary on Netflix entitled "What The Health". This food/healthy living documentary sheds light on the link between food, disease, and industrial farming. "What

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Whole 30: Week 4

I made it!! I cannot believe I made it 30 days on this meal program with minimal cheats (I'll be honest I had a few cocktails lol). Week 4 of the #Whole30 was about completion, triumph,

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Whole 30: Week 3

I've got the power! Whole30 Week 3 started off slowly but ended on a high note.  This week opened my eyes to of all the Whole30 positives unlike last week where I spent so much time resisting all

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Whole 30: Week 2

I'm going to be completely honest here. I'm over it!! I would have quit by now if my boyfriend wasn't going so strong. I truly think this 30 days for me is more a test