Do I Have to Buy Organic?

We all have spent countless evenings and weekends grocery shopping and comparing produce prices with the question, "Do I have to buy organic?" The organic vs non-organic grey area plagues many who are just beginning their

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Savory Lunch Bowl

This Savory Lunch Bowl is a quick idea for the woman-on-the-go looking for a healthy lunch or dinner! You can even prepare the ingredients ahead of time on Sunday and combine them during the week.

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Quick Vegan Breakfast Bowl

The mornings can be short on time. I make this quick vegan breakfast bowl when I crave a warm + hearty breakfast! Also pictured, my favorite GoodBelly digestion supplement and local Houston kombucha. But back

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Rosemary + Thyme Roasted Veggie Bowl

Winter makes me crave warm comfort food. I'm not much of a chef so I typically order out or go to the Whole Foods hot bar for dinner. Now while this is convenient, it is

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Apple Cider Vinegar is Magic

Raw, unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) is a holy grail product in the natural and healthy living community. I'd heard about the "benefits" of ACV from various health books and websites but had never consistently used it

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Raw Vegan Banana Walnut Cheesecake

I know, I know! Raw vegan desserts can seem intimidating and crazy, but they don't have to be! I whipped this up using just a few simple ingredients. I often find myself craving sweets but

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30 Days with a High Raw Vegan Lifestyle

Originally featured on Coming to the EpicSelf HQ I was excited to try 30 days with a high raw vegan lifestyle. I have chronic IBS and was looking for relief from my symptoms. I’d read

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Vegan & Dehydrated: Transitioning to Raw

Originally featured on We post a lot about raw vegan food here at EpicSelf. Today was our first day working with the dehydrator and we made some amazing things. I knew this fellowship would

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How To Create A Custom Yoga Retreat

Originally featured on Nothing is more grounding, centering, and fulfilling than taking some personal time to recharge and reconnect via yoga. Unfortunately, the cost of all-inclusive yoga retreats can keep some aspiring yogis from taking

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