In 2016 I spent a month in Costa Rica resetting my mind, body, and spirit and it felt amazing! While I love a good girls trip, nothing compares to a wellness vacation or retreat. I find I’m not alone in this sentiment as millennials are changing the face of wellness travel.

Admit it. You’re tired. You’re stressed. You’re overworked and you’ve considered a tropical escape from the office at least once or twice this week. As the first generation of digital natives, we’re constantly connected and surrounded by technology. This constant connection and the increased stress of modern living can have a negative impact on health and quality of life.

Millennials are entering their prime working and earning years which means more money and shifting priorities. Goldman Sachs noted wellness is a top focus more so than other generations. “For millennials, wellness is a daily, active pursuit…They are dedicated to wellness, devoting time and money to exercising and eating right. Their active lifestyle influences trends in everything from food and drink to fashion.”1

One industry feeling the millennial influence is wellness travel. Wellness travel is any travel with the goal of “enhancing one’s personal well-being”2. Spafinder Wellness 365 acknowledges the shifts in wellness travelers in their eighth annual State of Wellness Travel Report. Millennials and Gen X have started to outpace Baby Boomers and are becoming the core wellness travel demographic.

Millennial wellness travelers want more than a basic spa experience. They’re looking for adventure, fitness, yoga, and eco-focused properties. They also seek properties that show social responsibility to the local community. As wellness travel molds to fit the changing demographics, the types of vacations and retreats available are increasing and becoming more diverse.

If you’ve never considered a wellness vacation, now is the time! Below are 5 ways to know if it’s time for a wellness travel trip to be your next vacation.

You’re Stressed
We all know stress is a major side effect of overworking. Stress has harmful effects on the body mentally, physically, and emotionally. Taking a wellness vacation allows you to take time off from the stress of modern living. You can relax and focus on yourself.

You’re Craving a Different Type of Vacation
It might be time to consider a wellness vacation or retreat if you’re tired of spending vacation with a hangover. We often spend weeknights and weekends out for dinner and drinks and may not want to repeat this pattern on vacation. Wellness travel offers a break from the harm we do to our bodies and we direct our attention to healing or improving our health.

You Need a Reset
A wellness vacation is a perfect opportunity to unplug and reset. Wellness travel is designed to give some space between you and your daily life. This space brings the ability to recharge and gain a fresh perspective.

You’re Looking For a Shift
Many wellness vacations integrate mind and body activity to help you shed both pounds and limiting beliefs. You can find retreats focused on yoga, nutrition, meditation, or a host of other topics! Many vacations are designed to help you shift in the right direction of your choice!

You’re Ready To Live A Healthy Life
There is no better way to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle than immersing yourself in health and wellness on vacation. Many wellness centers take care of diet and exercise with chef prepared nutritious meals and daily movement classes. Focusing on your physical health during a wellness vacation provides momentum to carry this focus back into your daily life.

When you feel better, everything in your life is better. Wellness travel may be just what you need to get yourself back on track. I’m returning to Costa Rica in April for my Fierce Reset Wellness Retreat and I can’t wait! If you’re new to wellness travel or considering joining us in April shoot an email to! Now is the perfect time to begin planning your next wellness adventure!