During the Fierce Reset retreat we discuss the question “What is Vibrant Living?” Take a moment now to ask this question, get still, and listen to the answer that pops into your head. Asking the right questions brings clarity to what an ideal life looks like. I find that many of us simply go from point A to point B with our heads down. We never stop to smell the roses and we are so focused on go-go-going. We feel the pressure to be more, to do more, to hustle harder.

Often we are living a life that isn’t our own. We internalize expectations from our parents, our partners, society, and even ourselves. We create a life that looks good externally but feels unsatisfying internally. Typically, this dissatisfaction creates feelings of being “stuck” or “wanting more” out of life.

At some point, we have to pause and reflect on the current status of our lives. We are meant to thrive, not simply survive. What does that mean? What does it mean to live a vibrant life? I challenge you to take some time today to complete the exercises and worksheet below.

Vibrant Living Exercises

Journal Prompt: What is Vibrant Living?

Sit for a few moments and silently ask this question. In your journal free write your response without censoring yourself.

Activity: Your Life Area Assessment

This activity will help you look at specific areas of your life. Take some time to write down where you are today in each area and where you want to be in 1 year.

Download the Vibrant Living Worksheet.

Once you’ve completed the worksheet, return to your original definition of vibrant living. Is it in alignment with what you hope your life looks like in one year? If not, revise it!

The Vibrant Living exercises are designed to shed light on what constitutes your definition of a vibrant life. The beauty is no right or wrong answer exists because your life is as unique as your fingerprint. Checking in with yourself and getting clear about what you want is the first step to begin living the life you truly wish to live.