I’m going to be completely honest here. I’m over it!! I would have quit by now if my boyfriend wasn’t going so strong. I truly think this 30 days for me is more a test of self-discipline than of anything else. I feel like I’m fighting a battle with myself. Normal me is saying “You got this, you’ve done this before, no pressure!” and Inner Kermit Me is like “Just eat a cookie no one will know”. So that is how my Whole30 Week 2 began lol.

This week was a bit better than the first as I started to get creative in the kitchen. I whipped up a yummy Strawberry Salad in addition to my normal salads + potatoes.  Although there’s new variety, I still feel very restricted. I’ve been playing with buying new ingredients and additives this week to add new flavors to some of my more basic dishes.

Week 2 Deets

Grocery: I did better with my grocery shopping this week. I realized my core items were greens, potatoes, limes, grapefruit, avocado, and nuts. This week I made some new purchases!

  • Nutritional Yeast – I’d heard about this for years in the vegan/vegetarian community but had never tried it. I must say I enjoy the flavor! It adds a savory bite to my potato dishes when sprinkled on. I disliked using it as a seasoning while sauteeing as it bubbled and changed the food’s texture.
  • Leeks – I just bought these because they were on sale and I felt like I could become Rachel Ray with any ingredient. Unfortunately, all the recipes that called for leeks looked disgusting. I had no interest in eating a potato + leek soup and the sauteed leeks did not look like an appetizing spring meal. Sadly I wasted my $$.
  • Coconut Aminos – I’m not a fan. It just doesn’t taste the same as the Braggs! (Which in theory I guess it isn’t supposed to but perhaps I’m addicted to Braggs?).

Meals: This week was half and half raw foods and cooked foods (Disclaimer: by cooked foods I mean baked or roasted veggies). I also felt very hungry so I allowed myself eggs.

  • Breakfast: Avocado or grapefruit. Towards the end of the week, I’d have 2 boiled eggs + avocado. Years ago eggs made me sick so I’d stopped eating them but my body seems to tolerate them well.
  • Lunch: Same salad as Week 1. FULL DISCLOSURE: I continued using Bragg’s Liquid Aminos. It has been my cheating item on the Whole30. It makes my salads taste so much better. Maybe I’ll give it up next week?
  • Dinner: Same salad as lunch or roasted sweet potatoes + cauliflower (similar preparation here).
  • Snacks: Lemon LaCroix, Kombucha, Nuts, Grapefruit, or Strawberries

Energy Levels: I feel good. I’m definitely slimming down and waking up at 6:30am is getting easier daily.

Other: I’m drinking much more water, at least 1.5L per day. My forehead is clearing (Thank you, Lord!). I’m also becoming more regular which is an added benefit (Sorry for TMI🙊 )

All in all Week 2 was a mental battle in persistence. I have a tendency to bend and break the rules as my inner rebel spirit just loves to make itself known. During this Whole30 I’m focusing on cultivating a more loving approach to self-discipline as opposed my usual unhealthy form.

Week 3 Goals

  1. Be more loving towards me.
  2. Continue to decrease snacking.
  3. Decrease Braggs use/Work to Eliminate it