I made it!! I cannot believe I made it 30 days on this meal program with minimal cheats (I’ll be honest I had a few cocktails lol). Week 4 of the #Whole30 was about completion, triumph, and re-integration.

I feel and look great! I have more energy and am very clear and in tune with my body. During Week 4 I cheated with a few glasses of wine. I found that I didn’t feel good at ALL the morning after the few cocktails I had. l I felt very sick and nauseous. This reaffirmed that my Whole30 diet works and I feel my best with an alcohol/dairy free diet low in sugar and processed foods.

Additionally, Whole30 taught me I can eat potatoes every day and not gain weight. I subscribed to the idea NO CARBS EVER 🙅🏾 for years and it felt good to learn to listen to my body more deeply. Since I don’t really eat meat, potatoes we’re the anchor of my Whole30 and helped me to feel full and get the iron my body needed! I’m no longer bloated and I didn’t think it was possible to look this way while eating “heavier” foods.

The best gift Whole30 brought me was kicking my sugar habit for good! I wasn’t fully aware of how often I indulged in treats like cookies, cupcakes, and vegan desserts. I was in very deep with sugar and now I don’t get those cravings as often or as intensely. Whole30 gave me the trick of satisfying my sweet tooth with homemade trail mix, kombucha, or a sparkling water. I do miss the taste of cookies but I feel good without the crashes that come after my sugar binges.

You aren’t allowed to officially weigh, measure, or take a before picture of yourself but below find my after picture! I have not been this size since I started college. Whole30 + walking + yoga has helped to create a strong, healthy body that feels great.

Whole30 After

Whole30 Pros: Improved cooking ability, relearned basic nutrition, clear understanding of what my body craves, improved energy levels, weight loss, no bloating, minimal IBS symptoms.

Whole30 Cons: Difficult to eat out, more time consuming with frequent grocery store trips, requires immense self-discipline

Overall Takeaway: DO IT! Get an accountability buddy and try this program. I can def see myself continuing with my meals from the Whole30 program! Eating in alignment with Whole30 principles feels good for me. I will continue to limit sugar and processed foods and stick to a diet that is 90% whole, nutrient dense foods. I will save that 10% for an occasional cupcake or glass of champs though :). All in all, I’m happy I did it!

Check here for more info on the Whole30 eating plan and the start of my journey!