What the heck is a wellness retreat? This is a question we’re often asked at Fierce Clarity because it’s incredibly uncommon for people to take a break from the busy, digital world that we inhabit. At its core, a wellness retreat is a chance to retreat from the chaos of the world and focus on being well.

The concept of the Fierce Reset wellness retreat was born out of my desire to recreate my own wellness vacations for other busy, professional women. When I went on my first wellness vacation, I was a recent optometry school graduate with champagne taste and a sparkling water budget. The retreats I wanted to attend had hefty price tags so I decided to create my own. I went Bali solo and immersed myself in yoga, meditation, and personal development in a chic environment for a fraction of the cost. Surprisingly, I met other women my age who were also solo and doing the same thing. When I came back to the states, I decided I wanted to recreate this experience — an accessible high-end retreat where modern women could connect with each other and reconnect with themselves.

I understand wellness retreats and experiences are new to many people so this post will help guide you through some of the common questions you may have. Below find the Top 8 Wellness Retreat FAQs! (shoutout to MySpace — get it? Top 8? 🙃)

1. Whats the point of a wellness retreat?

A wellness retreat provides you an opportunity to escape your busy life and refocus on yourself. It’s a different type of vacation where you aren’t binging on unhealthy food + cocktails. A wellness retreat gives you the break you seek from vacay but adds the missing pieces that help you feel relaxed and refreshed. The Fierce Reset is all about balance so we find the perfect blend of zen and fun. We take care of the yoga, meditation, and workshop curriculum to give you a moment to slow down and tap into yourself! All you have to do is show up and we’ll take care of the rest

2. Why is there yoga?

Yoga is an ancient healing practice that goes beyond the physical postures you’ve done in a Hot Yoga class. Though yoga poses release physical tension in the body, they also release longheld emotional tension. At the Fierce Reset retreat, we make the practice of yoga accessible, fun, and uplifting for everyone. We focus on beginner/intermediate levels to create a solid yoga foundation for retreat guests. We use yoga to help center ourselves and become aware of a deeper connection between mind + body + spirit.

3. Why is there meditation?

The Fierce Reset focuses on giving you the tools to live your best life and we believe meditation is one of these tools. Though meditation seems very foreign, it is actually more simple than you think. We will guide you during the weekend so no prior meditation experience is necessary. We’ll help demystify meditation and provide a foundation so you can take the practice home with you.

4. Do I have to be good at yoga + meditation to go?

Absolutely not! Our wellness retreats are created with the yoga + meditation newbie in mind. Because of the immersive nature of a retreat, you learn more in less time. Each yoga and meditation session builds on the previous one ensuring you gain confidence in both practices. Our intention is for you to leave with enough experience to incorporate yoga + meditation into your daily life.

5. Can I go alone?

This is the biggest question! YES YES YES! I’ve gone on several wellness vacations alone and while scary, going alone is incredibly empowering. If you’ve never taken a solo trip, it’s an absolute must to check off your bucket list. The beauty of the Fierce Reset is we keep solo travelers in mind. If you are coming alone but would like a multi-occupancy room, we will do our best to pair you with another guest who is a good match and connect you before the retreat! If you’re coming alone and want to stay solo, you can do that too. There are plenty of events where we’ll hang, share, and create the magic that comes from connecting with each other.

6. It seems expensive, what if I can’t afford it?

What if you can? Why is it so easy for us to spend our money on weddings, baby showers, and birthday trips for friends but so difficult for us to invest in ourselves? Taking time for you is an investment that is 100% okay to make. Save a bit from each paycheck, maybe don’t buy the shoes, or ask your fam/bae for an early Christmas present! We understand you’re juggling other financial responsibilities so the retreat can be paid in full or in installments! With all that being said, we also get that life happens. Don’t sweat if you can’t make this retreat, in 2018 we’ll expand our 1-day and online offerings to reach a wider audience.

7. What are the empowerment workshops like?

Many women are disconnected from themselves and have lost touch with their inner selves. This inner disconnect is the source of anxiety, illness, and feeling stuck in life. The purpose of our workshops is to provide women the resources to reconnect with themselves through self-inquiry, group discussion, individual journal prompts, and group meditations. Our workshops focus on rekindling or strengthening the inner-connection by taking an honest assessment of current life circumstances and providing the right questions and space for attendees to explore other possibilities.

8. What will I gain from this retreat?

Peace. Serenity. A moment to chill and catch your breath. Relaxing massages and healing treatments at the spa. New knowledge of how to use yoga + meditation in your daily life. Sisterhood and connection with other like-minded women. Tools to help you create work/life balance and feel more centered. Plant-based food ideas. Clarity about how you want to feel and be in 2018. Practical ways to use the power of intention. Your own definition of health.


Though many companies offer wellness retreats, there is only one Fierce Reset. At Fierce Clarity, we understand physical + mental + spiritual + emotional wellness are key to unlocking your best self. We want to empower you to live an intentional life and radiate health from the inside out. We want to help you get clear about your blocks, your purpose, and inspire you to continue your wellness journey. If 2017 didn’t look the way you envisioned, it’s okay! Come join us in January to reset and step into 2018 with clarity + intention. See you in Sedona!

Love + Light,

P.S. If you have any other questions check out our Sedona retreat page or shoot us an email: info@fierceclarity.com